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but critics say it encourages illegal immigration. but president obama supports it and congress is set to debate it again. >> very powerful story. thank you. a strange story tonight about a violent home invasion. the attackers using a hatchet to slash their victims in san francisco. it happened last night in the normally quiet noe valley neighborhood. the scene of the crime, a victorian on 27th street. kpix 5 reporter da lin with more on the unsettling crime. >> reporter: the attack shocked people because this is typically a quiet and safe area. take a look where we're standing, near the victim's house. the attack happened around 11:00. >> they said help, called for help three times, sounded like a man. >> reporter: neighbors say the screams came from the top unit of this screened duplex in san
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francisco's quiet noe valley neighborhood. >> more of a gaspy help. >> reporter: she and her boyfriend came out of their house and saw a teenager running away from the greenhouse. >> a teenager, he was running up the street, when he saw me he stopped running. he was looking back at a car that was driving by. he just look up to no good. >> reporter: police believe that and two other teens broke into the house with a hatchet that looked like this. they say the three robbers attacked a 69-year-old man in bed sleeping at the time. they then tied him up and ransacked the house a short time later. police say a 58-year-old roommate came home and he was also attacked with a hatchet. >> extremely rare to see a hatchet used as a weapon in these home invasion robberies. it's a very medieval looking device if you will and barbaric. >> reporter: police say victims suffered from serious injuries but will survive. they also recovered the hatchet but wouldn't show it to us.
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police say two of the three robbers did not wear masks. michelle says the one she saw looks like he was around 18. >> long curly hair in a ponytail beanie, black hoodie hispanic teenager. >> reporter: ply says the three robbers got away with jewelry. >> that's just evil, cold. you know? it's just hard to believe that people so young could be that heartless. >> reporter: a man inside that house declined to talk on camera but he tells me the two victims are still in the hospital in stable condition. tonight no arrests have been made in the case. >> well, hopefully they got a good look at the ones who did not wear masks when they broke in. >> reporter: that's right. that young lady luckily did get a good look at one of the three suspects. >> teenager running away. thank you, da lin. new at 6:00 tonight, police have just identified the prime suspect in last month's deadly shooting at the bay fair bart station. the gunfire killed one and
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injured another. bart police say 18-year-old is the main suspect. two others were already arrested in the case. anyone with information about bennett is asked to contact police. we are learning mo about the assassination threat against state senator leeland yee. the senator tells us he received an email from the suspect that details exactly how the plot to kill him was going to be carried out. as kpix 5 reporter len ramirez shows us. search for explosives at the suspect's house is finally wrapping up. >> reporter: it is wrapping up. you can see the big truck there ready to take the evidence back presumably to sacramento for the investigation to continue. as for those e-mails, the e- mails allegedly sent from mr. basham to senator yee's office detail the when, where and how these attacks would take place. the sender also apparently bragged about having some sort of training in sniper rifles. well, perhaps not
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coincidentally one of the charges filed against mr. basham today by the district attorney's office had to do with the unlawful possession of a very high-powered sniper rifle. reporter: santa clara bomb plot suspect everett basham walked into court making small steps due to the shackles on his ankles, wrist and waist. after briefly sitting and the correcting the judge on the pronunciation of his name, basham appeared ready to make a statement and tried to stand. >> you may be seated. >> okay. >> sir -- >> reporter: a few seconds later, his court-appointed lawyer stepped over to make sure he didn't say anything more. >> we have charged the defendant with 10 felonies and two misdemeanors. >> reporter: the felonies stem from items found at basham's home and vehicles including ready-made bombs, explosive chemicals and other components as well as illegal assault rifles and this, a specialized long range sniper rifle a .416 barrett. >> if convicted on all counts his maximum time is about 13 years. >> reporter: he was arrested
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tuesday in sunnyvale after allegedly threatening to kill state senator leland yee who has offered gun control legislation in sacramento which basham opposed. the california highway patrol says basham was carrying a concealed weapon at the time of the arrest. then a search of his residence on humboldt avenue turned up a cache of explosives, some of which were detonated on scene, others were driven away in a special containment vessel. but the last four days, investigators have been searching his home which appears guarded by several professional grade surveillance cameras. inside the cluttered rooms, investigators are still looking for more evidence to build their case that the threats were real. >> when we found the destructive devices, more or less it was items that were complete in nature and more apt to be used without any additional work to be done on them. as the investigation wraps up in santa clara, we can tell you that the prosecutor in
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charge of this case, the deputy district attorney was seen walking into the property this afternoon. apparently wants to get a good feel for the layout of the house and all of the details that will be used in the case to prosecute this case at a later date. allen, as for mr. basham, he will be back in court next week to enter a plea and he will also be undergoing a bail hearing. right now he is held on a no bail subject and so next week when he comes back into court, the subject of bail will come up. >> certainly will. len ramirez, thank you. other bay area headlines. antioch police are investigating a traffic accident that killed a 14-year- old girl. she was struck by a car last night while crossing hillcrest avenue near hidden glen drive. tonight there is a memorial at the intersection. police say the driver of the car is cooperating in the investigation. they don't think speed or alcohol were factors. san leandro police are looking for a man who they say
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assaulted an officer and escaped all while getting handcuffed. the suspect is solomon espinoza of union city. police say that espinoza struggled with them after a traffic stop last night. even as police were able to get one handcuff on espinoza they say he tried to grab an officer's gun before running away. in san francisco, a neighborhood still buzzing about a wild chase that ended with a dramatic crash. it started around 9:00 when police spotted a man driving a stolen car. he took off and at one point drove on to a sidewalk to avoid being caught. it all ended in a four-car crash at fifth and mission. the suspect and four others were injured but are expected to recover. an eye-opening discovery outside the cabin where fugitive ex-cop christopher dorner died. a weapon dorner may have used was found this morning in the snow. joy benedict talked to the neighbor who found it. >> seen where he crashed the
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car and i stopped and then i saw the gun laying in the snow. >> reporter: a startling discovery for the angeles oaks man. he found a walther gun lightning by the road a gun investigators believe was part of christopher dorner's arsenal. >> forensic will respond and photograph it and collect the evidence. >> reporter: he called the san bernardino county sheriff which arrived to take the weapon. this is where dorner crashed the first stolen car tuesday. ramirez was here moments after the crash and was stopped by police. >> as we pulled up, they stopped us and they thought he was in our vehicle because this is just happening. >> reporter: and that's why he came back to see where the 10- day ordeal ended, an ordeal that claimed five lives including dorner's and shook this community. >> my son was sleeping in the hallway and my daughter with the doors open. >> reporter: a mile from the
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cabin where dorner made his last stand. caution tape and evidence markers only beginning to tell the story. this lower level room where forensics teams left their gloves behind is where dorner's body was found and the only thing still standing is the brick chimney. investigators fearful for the safety of firefighters let the home burn with dorner still inside. >> i feel bad for the families. tough. >> reporter: you're getting emotional. >> it's home. >> reporter: an emotional end to a terrifying tweak had residents from big bear to san diego on edge. but maybe it's the images here in here that sum it up best, ashes and angels that this is finally over. the owners of the property are trying to figure out how to begin to start cleaning it up. and a short distance down the road where the firearm was found, the san bernardino county sheriff's department has made another crime scene as
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they continue to look for more evidence. joy benedict, kpix 5. it's kind of wild, you know, it's not like i have been hoping to do a tree sit. >> and yet here she is. northern california has a new midair protest. why warbler is up there and when caltrans says they will be bringing her down. >> facebook says it's been hacked. what the company calls a sophisticated attack. and what it means for users. >> many of you would give today's weather a like, sunshine temperatures in the low 70s but we're going to see some rainfall soon. mount diablo looking good. highs near 70s. found out when highs will be in the 50s coming up next.
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than the governors before him. victed killers more murderers are leaving prison under jerry brown's watch than the governors before
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him. the 470 convicted killers recommended for parole last year, brown let 80% of them go. he okayed 82% the year before. by contrast, arnold schwarzenegger's parole approval rate was 25% and gray davis allowed just 2% of the recommendations stand. facebook said today it's been hacked. the social media giant says it's the victim of a sophisticated attack. some company employees had their laptops inspected by malware last month -- infected by malware last month when they visited a mobile developer website. since the discovery the laptops have been running the latest antivirus software. the company says user data and information are not compromised. well, tree-sitting is a bit of a tradition you might say in northern california. the standard was setback in the late '90s by julia butterfly hill. she spent two years in a humboldt county redwood tree which is still there, by the way. more recently that was the years long oak grove protest by
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cal stadium. who could forget dumpster muffin thrashing about in the bucket atop the bare tree? now another tree sit is under way just outside of willits in mendocino county. according to caltrans this protest may not reach the end of the month. >> on the rare occasion that it's quiet, this is really just really beautiful. really gorgeous view. i can see a lot of the valley from here. the only difficulty really is that 101 right here it's kind of relentless. >> reporter: about 50 feet off the ground, california's latest tree-sit protest is nearing its third week. the debate over the willits bypass has gone on much longer. >> i guess it's been going on since the '60s or so. >> different versions of the bypass have been debated for more than two decades. >> if you ask caltrans the time for debate is over. >> caltrans has been working on this bypass project since 1988. it's going to be constructing approximately six miles new
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highway going to the east of the town of willits. we have a environmental documents, we have awarded a contract, we are ready to begin work. ♪ [ music ]♪ >> reporter: this is the work site. ♪ [ music ]♪ >> now this is really become this epicenter for the community. there's just been tons of people out here every day. >> reporter: and like the evening jam sessions, the list of bypass concerns is long. >> cuts right through our valley and our wetlands. takes about 2,000 acres of farmland out of production. >> first thing comes to my mind is businesses like to be set up where there's traffic. >> migratory birds can't come through and nest. >> giant putting a giant plug in the area. >> it's our obligation to keep this project moving. we do not want this to cost the taxpayers any more money. >> reporter: back at the construction site -- >> i could be up here for a long time, and i will be up
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here as long as it's effective and i don't, you know, no compromise. >> caltrans says law enforcement will be called when the construction begins. that should happen in less than two weeks. this won be warbler's first run -- this wouldn't be warbler's first run anyone with the law. she was arrested when santa cruz police clashed with an "occupy" encampment in 2011. if you were a tree-sitting, it's a nice night. but next week i don't think i would want to be a tree sitter. >> get monopoly ready for next week. we'll have significant changes. we are going to be in the 70s tomorrow. forget the 70s. santa cruz how about the 80s today? yes, 80 degrees. you get a strong north wind off the mountains and really warms you up, like the beach today. 80 degrees. gilroy and oakland 75.
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napa 73. san francisco and downtown the first 70-degree day since november 9, 98 days ago. here's a look at why we got so warm. we are getting that north-to- northeast wind because the ridge of high pressure is now at its strongest point. it's shoving the storm track so far to the north, there are storms out there. there are always storms out there. the question is there something in the way blocking it? the answer is yes. sending all that moisture way up to the north riding over the ridge of high pressure you see it come back down through montana through colorado through wyoming. it's about 1,000 miles to our east. so until that high pressure moves, forecast isn't going to change. tomorrow highs around 70 again. sunday things do change because the high is moving. it will sag to our south and east. same ridge of high pressure same clockwise flow but now that will enhance an onshore flow so we'll be cooler on sunday, still sunny, cooler monday still dry and then on tuesday, the first of many fronts will move through giving us some rainfall. rain holds off until the end of the holiday weekend but temperatures have hit their
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peak and are on the way down starting on sunday. upper federal government by monday and rain will get here monday night in the north bay and everybody gets some rainfall. tuesday highs tomorrow close to 70 in livermore more, 70 in san jose, mountain view 69. downtown san francisco 65. napa fairfield and concord yet another day in fact in the 70s. monday sunshine, 50s on president's day. highs in the 50s all of next week with rain likely on tuesday and showers around on thursday and friday. but it is gorgeous out tonight. let's talk about tonight. kpix 5 reporter roberta gonzales is in pleasanton tonight where it got to 75 degrees today. >> reporter: yes, i am down here in pleasanton and in fact, pleasanton is east of san francisco. we brought mobile weather on out here where currently it is 62 degrees after a high of 73. but take a look down the main street here because this is
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referred to as restaurant row. let's of outdoor seating. the reason is here in pleasanton it's conducive to be sitting outside eating during the spring months, the sum malcolm x, the fall but not so much the winter. but today -- the summer the fall, but not so much the winter. but today we had highs in the 70s so restaurants are already jammed. i met up with several people here tonight. first off what is your name? >> rick. >> where are you from? >> reno, nevada. >> what is the weather there tomorrow? >> 44 degrees. >> your name? > [ indiscernible ] from chicago 22 there tomorrow. >> reporter: 22 in chicago tomorrow. and you, sir? >> ralph from new york. 37 and cold. >> reporter: and cold. and you? >> mima from sydney, australia and it's 75. >> julie from seattle and 48 tomorrow. >> reporter: your name is? >> lauren. >> we are just giving you a high five. what is your name? >> richard. lincoln, nebraska, it's going to be 39 tomorrow. >> reporter: 39! pamela from madison, wisconsin, it's going to be 18 tomorrow.
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>> 18 degrees is the high temperature? >> yesterday and today. >> oh, okay. and? >> wanda, livermore, 74 tomorrow! >> yay, 74 degrees tomorrow! >> whoo! >> again, i think all these people, they're transplants and the sword definitely out. pleasanton is the place to be for mild weather. reporting from pleasanton main street where there's still a few open seats for dinner tonight, roberta gonzales for kpix 5. >> a payday a month in the making. coming up, why a bay area county handed out hundred dollars bills today. >> we are now under 200 days from the new bay bridge opening. kpix 5 is the official television station for those opening ceremonies. we're counting down until new span opens in september and we'll keep you posted on the plans for the big day.
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east bay. oakland police are in a standoff with a shooting suspect. this is ening right on adeli a developing story we have been monitoring in the east bay. oakland police are in a standoff with a shooting suspect happening right on adeline street which is right on the oakland-berkeley border. the suspect is wanted in connection with a shooting this afternoon. streets are closed in the area. we'll monitor the situation. hundreds of bay area gun owners who gave up their firearms finally got their money today. last month, marin county collected more than 800 guns. but the money that was set aside for the buy-backs ran out in about 90 minutes. well, the county raised $70,000 to pay off the vouchers that were issued and today, those folks have been able cash in. in fact, they have almost another two hours until 8 p.m. it's taking place at the showcase theater at the marin county civic center in san
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rafael. now, what happens to all the firearms collected? trucked to crow's landing in stanislaus county where they are being destroyed. a crew in this video tossing the firearms into a pit. the pit is going to be set on fire and the metal melted. coming up in our next half hour, it might seem like a cosmic coincidence. a meteor explodes above earth just hours before our close call with an asteroid. the injuries and the damage after a deafening boom. >> i just really appreciate what we have. electricity, flushing toilets. >> back on land after a nightmare cruise. how passengers faced frustration after they got off the ship. >> how a little alcohol could increase your risk of cancer.
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images of a meteor exploding over russia. and that was just one of the big stories in space today. now at 6:30 incredible images and sound of a meteor exploding over russia. that was just one of the big stories in space today. the 10-ton space rock shattered with enough force to break
6:28 pm
glass and blow down doors. cbs reporter edward lawrence shows us the aftermath. >> reporter: the meteor exploded over a small russian town and caused a shock wave. glass shattered. >> the earth's atmosphere acts like concrete. it disintegrates in midair called air burst and the pressure wave from that the shock wave knocked out windows. >> reporter: it rocked a mountain rage in chelyabinsk 900 miles east of moscow. scientists say it was the size of a large bus traveling at least 33,000 miles per hour. some fragments fell to the ground. but it's unclear if they hit anyone. the meteor came without warning stunning a canadian hockey player now living in russia. >> i hear this loud bang, i live in a 24 story building on the 23rd floor and all of a sudden i looked up and the
6:29 pm
lights are shaking and i hear car alarms going off and it was incredible. >> reporter: a zinc factory was badly damaged. both the roof and wall collapsed. meteor strikes with such large impacts are rare. >> these happening every few decades or centuries. >> reporter: edward los angeles, kpix 5. you can watch more video of the meteor on our website, just hours later in a bizarre cosmic coincidence an asteroid buzzed by eight times faster than a speeding bullet. science editor brian hackney on earth's close call. >> reporter: we can relax now. scientists proved they didn't misplace a decimal point when they calculated the biggest near miss of the new century. >> its orbit is very well known. we know exactly where it's going to go and it cannot hit the earth. >> reporter: at 11:tow a.m. pacific time asteroid 2012da14 missed earth by 17,000 miles, but it did make an impact at
6:30 pm
11:20 a.m. >> the fly-by of this is an historic event. never before in human history have we been able to see an object come this close of this size. >> reporter: first spotted by spanish astronomers as a tiny blip against the background stars, we have since learned the asteroid is 45 meters wide, half the size of a football field, and when it passed over sumatra around 11:00 pacific time this morning it was only 17,200 miles high. whisker thin by astronomical standards. it's 5,000 miles closer than our gio synchronous satellites overhead. much closer and it would have hit like a similar asteroid a centuries ago in, where else, russia. >> an object the size of da14 actually impacted the earth on june 30, 1908, the so-called tunguska event. an object of 30 or 40 meters came down into the earth's atmosphere and exploded leveling trees for 820 square
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miles. >> reporter: most of these objects come from the asteroid belt a ring of debris well beyond the orbit of mars. >> the asteroid belt is really fascinating because it's kind of like the boneyard of material that's left over from farming all these plan -- forming all these planets. >> reporter: fascinating until someone gets hurt like more than 1,000 in russia this morning. that object was just too small to pick out in advance. the really big ones could wipe out humanity. >> nasa is currently studying about 9,000 of these near earth asteroids. about 1800 of them are fairly large and they are very particularly interesting to us. >> it's been a phenomenally successful program and no impact risk in the near future. >> reporter: we have sent a spacecraft to get a close look at an asteroid and now that one is getting a close-up look at us, scientists are seizing the moment.
6:32 pm
>> as it flies by we are going to use our radars to bounce radiowaves off this asteroid, watch it spin, look at the reflections and understand its size, shape and perhaps even a little bit about what it's made of. >> reporter: that's happening now. even as 2012da14 heads back into space. from the solar system bureau, i'm science editor brian hackney, kpix 5. federal investigators are in mobile, alabama tonight investigating the cause of the fire that crippled that cruise ship. today pug boats pulled the carnival triumph to a shipyard for repairs. thousands of passengers cheered when it finally docked last night after 5 days of sewage- soaked floors. they used plastic bags as toilets and tent camps on deck. >> after being on that boat for that long not knowing when we would get back, it was so good
6:33 pm
to get back. >> some passengers had another setback on the way home. one of the charter buses broke down. a woman from texas is the first of those passengers to sue carnival. she says she feared for her life or serious illness because of the filthy conditions. she is suing for unspecified damages. many of you might have a few drinks over this president's day weekend but tonight, a warning. coming up, how just a little bit of alcohol can put you at greater risk for cancer. >> in an exclusive kpix 5 investigation, we go undercover to see where those stolen bikes end up.
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plus, free delivery, set-up, and removal of your old set. keep more presidents in your wallet. this special financing offer ends presidents' day at sleep train. superior service best selection lowest price guaranteed. ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ of alcohol can be good for your heart. but now we're learning even a we have been told that moderate amounts of alcohol cab n good for your heart but now
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we're learning even a small amount can raise your cancer risk. kpix 5 reporter juliette goodrich with the bay area's role in tracing alcohol to a high rate of cancer deaths. >> reporter: any heart benefit with alcohol is outweighed by deaths. a study released in the american journal of public health says alcohol causes ten times as many deaths as it prevents. >> there is no safe limit for alcohol and cancer. >> reporter: dr. tom greenfield is with the alcohol research group of the public health institute in emeryville. he coauthored the study. >> people haven't thought about alcohol being carcinogenic even though there are warning signs you may have noticed in some of the grocery stores. >> reporter: he says 20,000 americans lose their lives to cancer every year as a result of drinking alcohol. while most deaths occur among those who drink 3 or more a day, roughly a third occur with lighter drinking with no more than 1 1/2 drinks a day. so what counts as a drink?
6:37 pm
you might be surprised. 12 ounces of regular beer. 5 ounces of wine, 1 1/2 ounces of hard liquor each one considered a drink. >> this study strengthens what in the cancer community we have known all along. >> reporter: dr. sani is with valley medical oncology consultants. he says this study provides further validation about alcohol and cancer versus benefits to the heart. >> the patients immediately come back to me and say i have known all these years that it's good for my heart. we know that heart disease is more prevalent and more common but the statistic by 2020 unfortunately is that cancer will be the number one killer in this country. >> reporter: and we're not just talking about liver cancer. it can range from colon cancer, throat cancer, esophogeal cancer, and in women, breast cancer. and the most startling statistic, a cancer related
6:38 pm
death due to alcohol can reduce a person's life-span on average up to 81 years. in emeryville, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. coming up it's an epidemic across the bay area. >> do you know where the bikes come from? >> no. >> we go undercover and find out where tons of stolen bikes are showing up. >> downtown los gatos was warm today the warmest spot in the bay area, 76 degrees. palo alto, fairfield, san ramon not too far behind but those 7s will turn into 5s pretty soon. find out when we're heading back to the 50s coming up. and it happens every year like tax time and the holidays. baseball season and the giants already up to defend. a report coming from our kpix 5 crew in the desert.
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stolen. in a story you'll only see on k-p-i-x 5: chances are you other someone you know has had a bicycle stolen. in a story you will only see on kpix 5, ken bastida went undercover to find out where many stolen bikes are surfacing
6:42 pm
and how victims are finding those bikes when the police can't. ken. >> reporter: yeah, allen. this person right here on the embarcadero in san francisco is smart. the bike is locked up, it's locked to a pole. they have the u lock on there probably not going to be a victim of bike theft. bikes are everywhere in san francisco right now. and according to the d.a., believe it or not, bike thefts are up about 70% in san francisco? >> you can see these things. they're ubiquitous, everywhere. we heard that bikes were turning up on craigslist, stolen bikes and also in a number of bay area flea markets. so we decided to take a look for ourselves. you guys know anything about this bike right here? it's a secret underground market. how about these bikes? >> there is not mine. >> reporter: dozens of bicycles appearing for sale every week at local flea markets. can i get your name real quick? >> no. >> reporter: apparently out of nowhere. do you know where the bikes come from? >> no. >> reporter: people who have had their bikes stolen have
6:43 pm
their suspicions like tim from san francisco. last year, someone stole his bike from outside his local grocery store. >> just said, wow, that was quick. surprising to lock in a secure bike rack on a well-lit area just all of a sudden gone. >> reporter: then there's michael koch also of san francisco. >> the bike was standing here and they were lock to this shelf which you cannot move. >> reporter: his two high-end specialized bikes disappeared in one fell swoop. >> the bikes and locks why gone. i would have never thought that bikes would be stolen out of the garage in a marina. it's become a huge problem. >> reporter: san francisco d.a. george gascon recently busted a major stolen bicycle ring recovering more than 100 stolen bikes. >> more than likely, this is a fencing operation. >> reporter: investigators believe that most of the bikes were being sold at flea markets in oakland. >> how are you doing, guys?
6:44 pm
>> reporter: ken bastida with channel 5. so we decided to pay a visit ourselves. i was going to ask you about these bikes. who sells the bikes? >> he is in the bathroom. >> reporter: sellers weren't eager to talk to us. you guys know anything about this bike right here. prices were low like this classic italian road bike in mint condition, retails for thousands but selling here for just $300. where do the bikes come from? >> i buy from here, sell them from here. >> reporter: you buy them from different vendors here and real sell them? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: that turned out to be what everyone said. where do you guys get the bike? >> the flea market. >> reporter: this man said he is selling bikes for many years with no problems. don't ask too many questions? >> yeah. >> reporter: everywhere we went crowds watched definitely not surprised even seemingly
6:45 pm
entertained. but for bike theft victims, it's no joke. michael's two stolen bikes were worth about $11,000. 6 months after the theft, he is still posting them on craigslist and other stolen bike websites every week hoping that someone will spot them. >> at this point, i'm kind of -- i would be pleasantly surprised. >> reporter: it's an online network that paid off for tim. >> someone replied and said hey i saw this bike. >> reporter: it was spotted at the laney flea market. believe it or not, he lucked out. working with police, he got his bike back. so speaking of the police, they tell us this is the way to do it. you get one of these u-locks, lock it to a meterrer a bike rack and you cable both wheels through the frame. and around the back tire. that's the best chance you got and even, you know, then there's no guarantee. but at least you give it a
6:46 pm
fighting chance. reporting live from the embarcadero in san francisco, i'm ken bastida, kpix 5. >> never found mine. >> i didn't either. >> double lock them i guess especially today because it was a beautiful day to be riding a bike. >> unfortunately thieves and folks who choose to do wrong know that. we have to all be smart and be smart out there. maybe you're heading to the water over the weekend. use the nog while you're out there. this weekend is going to be beautiful, saturday, sunday, monday rain-free but we need some rainfall and mother nature giving us good timing because right when we go back to work that's when the rain moves in. friday night heading out you head out in the mild evening, concord 63. oakland right now still 70. san francisco downtown 67. lower 60s for livermore. radar clear until the holiday weekend ends. but we'll see a change in temperature over the weekend. tahoe this weekend is down to 75% of normal, down 61% from the start of the year because
6:47 pm
we have been so dry. many rained here or snowed up there. lows tonight lower 40s for livermore, concord, fairfield. upper 40s for oakland and san francisco. mountain view 45. couple of degrees milder than the past few nights. here's the setup in the skies above us. a lot of things are moving around but notice everything is dancing around the bay area. everything is moving around us but nothing getting closer to us because there's a ridge of high pressure centered right over northern california taking all the moisture sending it in different directions not coming here. now things change on sunday. you will keep the sunshine but as high pressure begins to move to the south and east we'll get more of an onshore flow. we'll go from the low 70s to the mid-60s. on monday from the 60s to the upper 50s and then tuesday, we will struggle to make it into the 50s as the front moves through giving us much-needed rainfall with temperatures plunging. for some of you it will be 20 degrees cooler on tuesday compared to what you're going to have tomorrow. that's a big change. we'll stay dry for the entire holiday weekend a lot of sunshine for you especially saturday and sunday highs drop
6:48 pm
down to the 50s by monday and that's where we are going to stay all of next week with highs in the 50s with rain moving in monday night. hello, winter once again. after one more spring-like day tomorrow concord 70, san jose 70, low 70s for morgan hill, gilroy, campbell, palo alto, los altos, beautiful weather tomorrow. brentwood 71. san ramon 68. danville 69 degrees. mill valley 67. wine country around 70 downtown san francisco 65. mid-60s on sunday then we cool down but down to the 50s on monday. but we stay dry. monday night the rain moves in and look at those highs next week. only in the low to mid-50s all week long with several chances of rain the pattern definitely changing. how about sports? we are talking spring training. that's coming up next.
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could say the giants title de o'donnell is 45, that's the number of days before baseball opening day in the big leagues. you can say the giants defense began today. dennis o'donnell is with them in the arizona desert in scottsdale. >> reporter: thank you, vern. greetings, everybody, from scottsdale, arizona, where the giants full squad reported today on the eve of their first practice tomorrow. priority number one, no world
6:52 pm
series hangover this time around. two world series titles in three years. an entire pitching staff returning. the reigning mvp buster posey and the manager of the year. sounds like the makings of a repeat, doesn't it? except for one thing. >> that's the story of my life, no respect. i don't get no respect! >> reporter: respect or lack thereof doesn't bother the giants. they are used to the role. but it seems their enemies to the south have found a pot of gold. the dodger's new payroll more than 220 million. the giants payroll is $85 million less. ♪ i don't care too much for money ♪ >> reporter: the fab four knew that money couldn't buy them love, neither can it buy you one of these. still, you can't ignore history. not since the yankees of 1999 and 2000 has a baseball team won back-to-back world series. so what gives? >> i don't think anybody goes into the season and says, you know, expect that we are going to win the world series this year because it's such a process.
6:53 pm
>> reporter: following their 2010 world series win, the giants didn't even make it back to the play-offs in 2011. of course, there was one big reason why. >> posey gets clobbered. >> reporter: posey didn't only bounce back. he won the mvp, the battle title and a second ring. heck, willie mays never won one ring in san francisco. >> my expectations for last year was being on the field as much as i could which i was happy with. i think i exceeded my expectations in that way because i played more than i thought i was going to coming into the season. >> reporter: your health is going to be the key for a chance of repeat especially when it comes to buster posey. game day sunday night on location from scottsdale. with the giants, dennis o'donnell, kpix 5. vern, back to you. >> you know dennis is in the desert when he is rocking the tommy bahamas shirt. melky cabrera has been fitted for a world series rings. now with the bluejays he acknowledged his use of
6:54 pm
performance-enhancing drugs last season. our cameras caught a berkeley sun soaked crowd today. evan diamond cal season opener versus ben ballentine and michigan. this is extra. that's rodriguez getting through on the right side. brian gets the foul. later andrew knapp got the game winning hit and the bears win it, 20-13 debut in 11 innings, final of 5-4. second seed john isner taking on xavier in the quarterfinals of the s.a.p. open. isner one of the biggest serves. 6'9", 10 aces in the match didn't double fault once and won. the second set he will play tammy hahn in the semis tomorrow. golden gate fields, they are going to host the 32nd running of the el camino real derby tomorrow northern california's biggest leadup to
6:55 pm
the kentucky derby. the race is boy, huge one for the three-year-olds chance to make the field at churchill downs. jockeys trainers owners all dream for running for the roses and it starts right here in the bay area. >> i been riding for 25 years and won races all over the world but that's one race that i have always said i wanted to win from the time i was 4. that's the kentucky derby. so you know, every time you get on a 2-year-old and 3-year-old you're always thinking this could be the one. hopefully it is. >> hey, you know it's spring training for the umpires too. this guy bruce can't fine his balance. face planted to the grass. baseball is -- boom. he almost do it. almost did a somersault. >> what do we give him for that? how many points? >> a five, six, dramamine? [ laughter ] >> ish have just gone like that. >> tabbed he is not rocking the tommy bahamas shirt. >> very silent.
6:56 pm
>> definitely fitting in there. >> thanks, vern. well, for news throughout the evening the latest is always on our website, have a good weekend. captions by: caption colorado en't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7 call 1-800-progressive.
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
joey fatone: this is joey fatone. it's time to play "family feud!" give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: thank y'all very much. [cheering and applause] hey, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. you know what? like always, we got another good one for you today. family's returning for their second day--straight out of louisville, kentucky, it's the darden family. and from seattle, washington it's the kline family.
6:59 pm
let's go. give me connie. give me terry jr. guys, here we go. we've got the top 7 answers on the board. name the first thing a guy wants after his girlfriend has dumped him. >> an alcohol drink. steve: an alcohol drink. >> yeah! steve: terry. >> another woman. steve: another woman. yeah. >> we're gonna play, steve. steve: they're gonna play. all right. hey, marleisha, how you doing today? >> i'm wonderful. steve: what's your major? >> elementary education. steve: elementary education. that's good right there. that'll go right in line with my son. >> perfect. we're perfect for each other. i can already tell. steve: no. it's just because he acts elementary school... >> [laughter] >> i can work with it.

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